Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving to all

Hi there,

I've been doing confined water sessions for students the last couple of days and today we did dives number one and two for their scuba certifications. Lots of fun. The surf is coming up, but we still managed to find some nice spots with great viz. It might be kind of messy tomorrow.

I have tomorrow off and then a family of divers and one student for Friday day, with a full boat of snorkelers for the manta dive on Friday night. It'll be a long day for me.

My parents are visiting right now and my wife went back to the mainland to visit friends for the week. It'll be the first Thanksgiving with family in years. We're headed to the Keauhou Outrigger for their holiday buffet.... yuuummm, sushi (I almost prefer some of the other non-traditional buffet items to turkey, but I'll still eat my share of that too).

If the water settles down tonight, I may have to drive on down to the Place of Refuge for a shore dive and a chance to play with my new camera housing. Check out the pic above, it was taken at the Refuge on a day when a white tip shark was sleeping in the area.

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