Wednesday, January 26, 2011

LOTS of whales in Kona right now... wish I hadn't forgot my camera the other evening...

The other evening we were out for a night dive and during the first dive (late afternoon) there were three whales milling around about a couple hundred yards off the dive site (Garden Eel Cove). About 5:30 ish the whales started coming in closer and suddenly a baby whale breached about 60 yards (it was closer to us than some of the other moored boats were), it breached again, then an adult breached, a few seconds later the other adult breached, then all three breached at the exact same time.... the whales kept breaching one or two at a time and went up to the north end of Garden Eel Cove, then turned around and made a pass back by all the moorings. They were pretty much 60-100 yards off the moorings at all times... very close. With the continuous breachings that close, it sounded as if fireworks were going off.

Quite spectacular! This went on for about 8-10 minutes. The baby whale seemed to have a little more energy. The first breaches were full body breaches by both the baby and the adults. The adults got to where they were breaching more like the photo above (taken a couple years back) much of the time, adding in a few pec slaps for a while.

Unfortunately our divers were under and unaware of what was going on above. Three other boats full of divers that had already come up witnessed it, the snorkel boats were rounding the corner to come into the bay just as it ended.

I'd left my camera at home, bummer. We were close enough that they'd have made great photos. I've never had whales breach that close that many times. No mantas, but the night was worth it just for the whale show.




H.O Scuba Adventure said...


Oh wow! Would love to see some whales too one day! Great post! Would love to dive in Kona too one day.

Gaz Cooper said...

Hey Steve

Thats sounds like a really cool experience, I have been lucky to have dove all over with lots of bog stuff but never been in the water with Whales, seen lots in South Africa but only out of the water. Its something I am going to have to rectify in the future maybe I am going to have to come to Hawaii LOL

Gaz Cooper

alexksso said...

don't forget your camera next time :)
I've got Kona on my list now - wanna see the whales !

Cheers !

Rescue diver said...

I've dived with many sharks before ut want to dive with whales.

Where is the best place?

swimming pool toys said...

It sounds like an awesome experience Steve. It was so nice of you to put up a picture. Your story inspired me to plan some whale watching on my next holiday to Australia.