Thursday, December 16, 2010

Several manta rays on the Kona Manta Ray Night Dive last night...

Manta rays visit scuba divers in Kona Hawaii from Steve on Vimeo.

We went north of Honokohau Harbor up to the Kona Airport site for the manta dive last night. Our divers saw one manta ray on the afternoon dive, that's always a good sing. On the night dive it was obvious there were several rays that had shown up - all the snorkelers from the other boats were squealing with delight.

There were 7 or 8 mantas hanging around and everyone had a teriffic time. Here's a short video from a while back on a night there were a few mantas at the dive. It looks like there were only 4 or so in this video, once the numbers get up a bit higher it can be a manta madhouse.

Hopefully it'll keep busy with mantas through the Christmas season. We're looking to be pretty darned busy... Ive got today off, then my next empty day is the 5th of January.




Gillian said...

Gorgeous video! I was lucky enough to go diving with the mantas in Kona back in October, and I think it's in the top five coolest things I've ever done. You're lucky to get to do that all the time!

Steve said...

Thanks. Unfortunately I spend a lot more of the manta dives up top as captain than in the water as a guide these days. Still is fun to see people's reactions of the dive... prettymuch universally they tend to love that dive.