Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kona scuba diving's been good lately...

We've had a pretty good sized south swell lately, but as long as you're at a dive site that faces somewhat north the diving's been pretty darned good. Water temperature is still sitting at 78-79 degrees.

We've got a pretty busy week lined up ahead, it's been kind of slow the last two weeks. Kinda wierd, I get 2 or 3 days off the boat in a row and it feels like I haven't been on in weeks... earlier this year I'd been going out 5-6 days a week pretty much, so one slow period isn't all that bad of a deal. The rest of the summer is shaping up pretty nicely on the pre-bookings. The last two years we had less pre-arranged diving and lots of last minute divers calling in, this year we seem to be back to people arranging dives in advance... I have at least a few days of diving arranged every month through October, nice for us, now we need to continue filling in the empty spots.

Here's a photo of a frogfish some of you may recall from my first year of blogging. It's about 6-7 inches long and just at the stage where it's between the juvenile yellow coloration and turning to whatever color it's gonna be in the future. They tend to take on the corloration of thier surroundings... always possible this one spends it's time in about 30 feet of water hanging out around finger corals, as that's the color it currently is, but it could change some as it gets older. They get so tough to spot once they mature.



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