Friday, November 13, 2009

Wanna Dive has changed it's website URL to

I'm changing webhosts. A few years ago my webhosts gave me a call without notice demanding a few hundred bucks for a mandatory upgrade, I complied at the time but have found out a few things about that company since... google " reviews" and you'll see what I mean. Last night they suspended my account, supposedly because it's using too much of the server's memory... a bunch of hooey. Last I looked it had only used a small portion of it's allotment before I upgraded to the unlimited account. I'm supposed to get a call from them shortly "explaining" it, I expect another strongarm attempt. I'll just offer to change my site, it'll get lots smaller, basically a forwarding page and that's about it.

Luckily I've got the next 3 days off, after 5-6 charters and a class in the last 5 days, to deal with changing all sorts of internet links. Unfortunately for the next year or so there are likely to be lots of "account closed" hits from the original web address 'til google and other search engines find Wanna Dive's real web address and eliminate references to the other one. This is going to sting, but I gotta make the change.

Back to diving posts on the next post.




Dan Hoerr said...

Sorry to hear about this, Steve. I was hoping I could tell you that you probably have some legal recourse on getting your domain back, but Gisol's site is pretty clear that you're only "leasing" the domain from them. That's a great way to take advantage of folks... sad. I see you've registered the new one in your own name, which is a good call.

Best of luck to you, I've come to really enjoy the photos and articles from your blog and hope to be able to get to Hawaii and dive one of these years.

Steve said...

Unfortunately I didn't take a snapshot of the site back in '00 when I signed up. Pretty sure the site didn't say that back then, but no proof.

Now I've got to get the word out and figure out if there's any way to clear out the old links on search engines. I may be working it for months.

Laura said...

Your blog's address will remain the same, correct?

Steve said...

The blog will remain the same. It was set up on blogger/blogspot, which was purchased by google later on. I have no intentions of changing it, if google decides to discard blogger that could change things, but at this point I see nothing changing.