Sunday, October 11, 2009

The office is starting to come together....

I'm semi-in at the office, have the shirts hanging and a few masks available if needed. We're pretty much only using it to do paperwork and intro dive courses at this point, but it's coming along. I'm trying to spend an hour or two there Monday through Friday, usually 4-5pm after day charters when I don't have a night dive going out. Eventually we'll man it full time, but that's off in the future at this point.

I've been playing around with getting prints from Costco and have started hanging them along the top of the shop.... fun for me, helps give the office a more lived-in look.

Diving's been pretty good as of late. Today the viz was down from some kind of algae/plankton bloom. We're still hanging around in the 79-80 degree range as far as water temperature. Today's dives were up at High Rock and Turtle Pinnacle. I dove the second dive... nice long dive. The last diver was up at 79 minutes.




Gerald said...

The shop looks great. Can't wait to actually see it live. Any chance to order one of those shirts?

Steve said...

Thanks Gerald! I'm changing web hosts, but in a day or two I'll have my e-mail back up and you can e-mail me if you want a shirt. They're $20.82 after tax. I'm happy to mail 'em, no shipping fees.