Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Another day... another frogfish....

Here's a shot of the same frogfish from the other day that I took this morning. Today it was gorgeous in Kona... bright and sunny, no clouds over the ocean and few on the mountains. We had some customers on board today that were great on air... 84 minutes the first dive and 72 on the second. They'll be on the next several days, it'll be curious to see if their bottom time improves even more. We had a ripping current on our first dive, so we turned it into a one way dive and I followed their bubbles to pick them up down the coastline so they didn't have to battle the current the whole dive... those dives are always fun as you can cover quite a bit of ground and see some spots we generally don't see when we're moored the whole dive.

Current water temperatures are still a quite comfortable 80-ish. This is a great time to be diving in Kona.

I'm making slow but steady progress on the office between charters. Been busy varnishing bamboo sheeting the last couple days among other things. It's coming together.

Just thought I'd make a quick post.




Thomas Houseman said...

Hmm. My dive instructor always picked on me during training cause I always had so much air left after a dive as opposed to my budy who IMO ran out far too quick. I think she said I "skip breathed" - now I can't recall ever "skipping" or doing anything different in my breathing than I ever do on dry land (wee except the whole... air in by mouth thing :P
I think I just don't breath that heavily and I almost always have the most air left after group dives...

Should I be doing something different, or just ignore all comments and just try and find a buddy that uses less air like me?

Steve said...

True skip breathing, where you are purposely holding your breath, isn't good for you. There's nothing wrong about keeping up your normal breathing pattern and having a very low air consumption rate if you're not doing something abnormal.

People have different breathing rates. Some people come by it naturally, some have to work at it or it comes with experience and comfort. When I first started diving, I was a 26 minute diver on very basic profiles, ones that I now get 70-90 minutes on (depending on how much I'm diving- even after all this time, when I lay off for a while it takes me a couple dives to get back to where I use minimal air unless I think about my breathing) after lots of diving and getting used to breathing slow and steady.


MarieJ said...

Hi Steve,

I'm 100% new to diving.

I'll be in Kona for a couple of weeks early November and probably again in January for a couple more weeks. I'd like to get my open water cert while I'm there. Which time frame do you think would be better and what steps do I need to take before I arrive?



Steve said...

I'd recommend November over January. The water can be rougher in January and we have days I just don't want to teach during that time on occasion because it's too rough to do skills.

Shoot me an e-mail at and I'll fill you in on what you'll need to get started.