Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time for more garish colors....

Remember I mentioned a couple posts back that we'd had a huge south swell that caused some damage to the reef in at least one spot. Here's a shot of a rather sizable lobe coral that was outright lifted up and turned over. So far I've only noticed damage in one spot, everything else I've dove recently was spared.

Been busy. Last night we had a manta dive. It was a bit slow to develop, seemed like we got one additional manta every 10 minutes... ended up with 4 mantas and a pretty good show by the end of the dive. The divers were stoked... heard the usual "best dive ever" comments. This dive is an incredible show and if you are in Kona and like snorkeling or diving it's just about a "must do".

Today a long time customer that has become a friend and I hung slatwall in the "office". My mexican food inspired colors are now offset by cardboard colored particle board. After tomorrow's charter I'll run out and buy some primer and more tropical/Caribbean brightly colored paint. After that's done, likely this weekend, we'll figure out what to do about the trim and the soon not to be white stripe across the shop.

In local Kona news: Target has opened. They had their VIP opening last night and "soft" opening this morning. They officially "Open" this Sunday, but for now they're keeping regular hours.


Laura said...

The shop looks great so far, and that's awesome about Target! I've been wondering when they'd open. I always enjoy your local Kona news updates. Can't wait to check out the new Target next time I visit. I wonder if they'll have any special Hawaii stuff (the way Walmart does), or will it just be like a normal mainland Target?

Steve said...

I went to Target today. It's pretty big, has a small/medium grocery dry goods/fridge/freezer section too,maybe 6000-9000 square feet. I didn't see a "Hawaiian" specific section, but I may not have seen everything.

I rarely hit Target on the mainland, it's been almost 11 years since I've been in one, so I have little to compare it with. Definitely something we really haven't had here as of yet.