Thursday, May 07, 2009

To wear, or not wear a snorkel....

Yup, I wear a snorkel. I did a heckuva lot of shorediving when I first started diving, and after a few hundred dives it got to where I feel odd without one. If you go to a scuba message board and bring up snorkels, it'll raise a crazy amount of debate... it's a hot topic for whatever reason and there are people who are rabid pro or con. I figure to each his own. In our case, we come up and down at the boat, so there's no real need for a snorkel in most cases... but they can be handy if doing a drift dive or for people who are prone to not following the guide and getting themselves lost (sort of a peeve of ours, rarely happens, I can only think of 2-3 times in 10 years of doing this, but it disrupts the dive when it does).

So if you asked me how the month is looking this time last week, I'd have said pretty mediocre. It's our "slow" season and last week I had all of 6 charters lined up for the rest of the month with little phone action... that changed suddenly a couple days ago... I've got 20 charters lined up so far with more interest. Should be a reasonably busy month after all. Funny how it seems to go in spurts.

I've been out of the water for 5 days now... it'll be nice to get back in tomorrow. I'm hearing it's warming up a bit, so it'll be curious to see what the temperature is.




Diver Daisy said...

I agree with you - snorkel it is! Even when you are getting to the boat in rough surf it's nice to have it so you don't swallow a mouthful!

Steve said...

Thanks Daisy. We take off our snorkels specifically for the manta dive, in part so we don't stick the mantas with them... it feels so weird to hit the water without one on for me.