Monday, April 27, 2009

Man, is our shower ever hot!!!!!!!!!!

We've got solar hot water at home, so what this means is that it's been real sunny here in Kona the last several days. You almost couldn't ask for better weather. Lots of blue skies, flat water, and great viz (although today was down a bit even though being very flat - some kind of plankton bloom had the viz down).
We've been busy with a class and several certified divers the last several days. Yesterday was a long day for us, with dives in the morning and the manta dive at night. There were 20 mantas on the dive last night! The divers were STOKED! I've got dives in the morning, and we have two more night trips scheduled for later in the week... the manta dive has been very successful all month, hopefully it'll continue for a while.

The shot above is of an Arc-eyed Hawkfish. These fish are very common, you'll find them on coral heads, and are fairly easy to approach and get a picture of. I wanted to get a shot of one on a coral head, rather than a closeup shot on this picture.




Andrew Cooper said...

Yeah, same 'problem' here, have to turn the temp way down with these bright sunny days. We make a point to warn house guests about the water temps.

Nice not to be forking it over to HELCO.

Jim @ said...

Solar hot water and underwater photo - both cool! Temperatures in the 60s / 70s and rainy on the East Coast. Cheers!