Friday, December 12, 2008

Winter snow season has arrived in Hawaii...

I took the liberty of stealing this picture off the Keck observatory webcam on this webcam page that has live webcam shots of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. I'm not sure if this is one of the first snows of the year or not up there, but it was a pretty good snowfall by the looks of it.

We had a heck of a squall come through yesterday. My boat was already out and the surf was coming in crazy tight sets from the south so Cathy and Bob stayed right outside the harbor where it's protected from the south. I had a medical appointment yesterday so I was off the boat. The rain hit hard about noon time yesterday. The Big Island was soaking, but the most rain fell on the other islands... parts of Oahu got over 14 inches of rain yesterday!

Today the flood warnings are up 'til 4pm, but it's not raining right now. I looked at the Magic Seaweed Hawaii surf page last night and they were predicting 7 foot surf from due west for today, and called the divers and we decided to take a breather from today. We rarely see surf from straight west, usually it's north or south and easy to get out of. I haven't been out yet to see if the surf materialized, but if it does it won't be a pleasant day for diving anywhere on the Kona side.

Brrrrrr, it's cold.



Andrew Cooper said...

Snatching the photo is probably OK, as far as I know we don't care about the webcam images. If in doubt grab an IRTF image, since that is NASA. The federal government can not claim copyright, all images are public domain.

We got two inches in Waikoloa yesterday and last night.

Thanks for the surf link!

Steve said...

Yeah, I'm not keen on snatching other's photos, I figured the webcam shot with a link might pass as OK.

I think we were pushing 2 inches here... I assume you were referring to rain, not snow. It was a wet day.



Misty Faucheux said...

Hi, Steve:

I've heard of snowfall in Hawaii, but I guess that I had to see it with my own eyes. I live in Colorado, and every time that I talk to somebody in Hawaii, they're always talking about how "wonderful" or "beautiful" the weather is.

It makes us in the frigid areas dream of being in Hawaii. Well, maybe that's the point, right?

Thanks for the great blog.

Misty Faucheux
Community Relations Manager, Viscape

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Steve said...

Well the weather is generally quite wonderful, we had a couple of crummy days. This particular snowfall is at 13,000 feet or so... we're still a tropical and wonderful destination.

Looks like our snowfall was nothing compared to much of the country's.

Thanks for the visit and the kind words.



Roy J said...

One never can really get used to seeing the words snow and Hawaii in the same sentence. I guess Hawaii really does have a bit of everything to offer.

Steve said...

Hawaii's got a little of everything... it's an amazing place. Thanks for the comment.