Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Trumpetfish of Hawaii

Heres a Trumpetfish (Aulostomus chinensis). They come in a variety of colors, often in grays, browns and reddish colors, and the yellow color is fairly common also here in Kona.

We've been busy with charters the last several weeks. It was gorgeous on the water today, a nice changeup from the south winds we've been having for the past two weeks or so. Today we did Golden Arches and the Aquarium/Skull Cave/Suck 'em Up dive sites. They saw two whitetip reef sharks, along with outerh good stuff, on the last dive. We've actually managed to see hammerheads a couple of times the last couple of weeks (Pat got a mediocre pic of one swimming away I may be able to con her out of) on charters, unfortunately for me I was topside during those particular dives.

Just thought I touch bases, I seem not to post all that often when we're busy.




Michael said...

Cool photo.
Take Care

Jose said...

Trumpet fish? I thought it was a wedge of pickle. Go figure!