Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hawaiian Ghost Shrimp.

OK, I finally took a reasonably decent pic of a ghost shrimp (Stenopus pyrsonotus). They are also known as Flameback Shrimp or Fountain Shrimp, depending on who you are talking to. This shrimp and it's mate I'd only recently found at one of our more popular dive sites, in fact, I found another pair about a hundred-150 feet away just yesterday. Both pairs seem to be very good posers, coming out of their holes when divers approach, so I suspect there will lots of photo opportunites of these guys at that site assuming all the other DMs find them too (the first set is hard not to find for someone who does the site regularly). These shrimp will often set up house in the same spot for a couple years at a time as long as storms don't knock them out of their holes or something else get to them.



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