Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Great diving conditions in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii right now


Been real busy the last couple of days. Spent all day on Monday working on the boat, basic maintenance stuff. Did morning and evening dives yesterday and another two tanker today. We're quite busy 'til around the 4th of August at this point.

We had a freak short term temperature drop. When Bob first jumped off the boat yesterday morining he came up saying man it's cold. Everyone was reading 75 or so on the dives all day sites 4 miles apart, strangely enough it was 79 today, same computers at sites within a couple hundred yards from the spots yesterday. Not sure if the remains of Hurricane Bud (? not sure if that was the name), a hurricane that ended up east and north of the islands and did little but affect the tradewinds for a couple days, might have brought us some cold water for a day or two?

There were 17 mantas at the night dive last night. two of our passengers were doing it for their first time, the other four have been diving with me since my shorediving days and had done the dive a couple times over the years and had one and none show... everyone was quite thrilled this time.

Today we did the first dive at Hoover's, the northernmost Kailua Kona area mooring, just off the north end of the airport. It's a great dive, highlight of the dive was seeing a couple of mantas. On the second dive we did the spot right outside the harbor that can be such a great critter site. Anthias, cleaner shrimp and banded coral shrimp, eels, as well as a couple of eagle rays, were the highlights of this dive.

Here's a neat little Toby, sort of out of focus, that I took a picture of a couple of years back.




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